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    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Oct 8, 2012.

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      [​IMG] Deciding which CAD software is best to learn next (After Solidworks)
      I need a bit of input here. Throughout school, we used Solidworks as our CAD package, but rarely do I see job adverts that list it as a requirement. Rather they always choose AutoCAD. Not to sound boastful, but I consider myself quite an advanced user of Solidworks. Now I'm looking to learn the next best thing......
      [​IMG]Document of plate bending machine
      I am studying to design a plate bending machine, but i have no any document. So anybody have any document upload for me please! Thanks!
      [​IMG]About test radius of cylinder spur gear
      Could anyone sketch a drawing and show me the test radius of the production gear mesh with master gear? Let me know how to calculate the test radius,I know AGMA 2000-A88,but can not understand.....
      [​IMG]Pedal drive propeller system
      Im trying to design a pedal drive for a small boat propeller, but as it turns out the only *real* chain gear system knowledge i have is with mountain bikes. Im a senior in mechanical engineering, and this is my senior design project. Anyway, iv been everywhere trying to find a good reference to teach myself types of.....
      [​IMG]Question to GD&T gurus - help! stuck on minimum wall thickness problem..
      I've been studying J.Meadows' "Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. Applications, Analysis & Measurement" and really stuck on minimum wall thickness problem (Pages 318-319) where a Displacement concept was introduced. You see, he counted .400 as movement of D @LMC at the bottom of P.318 and then again at the top of.....
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      Unanswered questions
      [​IMG]Burr-free stainless steel gears.
      We have a regular requirement for instrument gears of stainless steel, which are produced in-house by hobbing. In spite of using a freshly re-sharpened hob, a burr is obtained at the leaving end of the job, which is very difficult and time consuming to remove. Can anyone suggest a process to avoid this. The gears are of 0.4M to o.8M with 10 - 30 teeth.
      [​IMG]Question Hybrid tray design for resistors.
      I am a student of Northumbria University trying to design a tray that is compatible for different sizes of resistors. Has anyone worked in designing a hybrid tray?
      [​IMG]Orthogonal Metal Cutting in Ansys Workbench
      Hi, I am trying to do an explicit dynamic simulation in Ansys Workbench for "Orthogonal Metal Cutting". I have modeled the specimen as two separate bodies (master and slave) and provided a bonded contact between them. Cutting tool is considered as a rigid body. Master body is given as fixed constraint and cutting tool as displacement constraints in the direction of cutting. Cutting speed of tool is 60m/min and step end time (in analysis setting) is 2.54e-3 sec.
      [​IMG]Need CSWP Surfaces Exam Downloaded Test Files!
      Anybody happen to keep CSWP Surfaces Exam Downloaded Test Files? I lost mine by accident but need to practice Surfaces. Would anybody please email me yours as I suppose they are pretty much the same?
      [​IMG]Making fuel from emission
      Turning polluting emissions into liquid fuel seems rather improbable, doesn't it? Plz go on the link to find an answer to it.. I have developed a technology that can support the future like a concrete pillar.. please go to this NASA website and register to vote for my article in the competition.. Need your support... thanks..
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