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  • 9th Jul 2012: What material? self-centering guides, anti-wearing bearings ...& more!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Jul 9, 2012.

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      [​IMG]Bearing Anti wearing type
      I'm working on improvement of a screw conveyor that conveys dust (raw meal: limestone powder & Schist) in cement factory.
      The intermediate bearing (sleeve bearing) is being replaced every 3 months (2000 hours) due to wearing failure which costs a lot.....
      [​IMG]What material should I use?
      I need some suggestions on what material to use, hope you guys can help me.
      It needs to be an electric isolator, as rigid and stiff as possible without being brittle.I must be able to drill holes into it and put some pressure on it without it cracking and it needs to be as durable in -40 C as in +80C. I will use it in.....
      [​IMG]cross sectional area of circular solid & hollow rod.
      please send me the formula to find the cross sectional area of fixed end circular solid and also hollow shaft under load "W".....
      [​IMG]debit/credit machine model
      Does anyone know where I can download a model for a presentation? Solidworks.
      [​IMG]self centering guides
      I am seeking a design for a set of self centering guides that will allow a slip fit for tubing.The tubes measure from approx .022 up to .109. At the present time we are using a teflon insert placed into a brass housing.....
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      [​IMG]Problems for designers in tolerance stackup analysis
      I am writing a program for tolerance stackup analysis, and I wanted to know kind of problems designers face with respect to existing softwares currently. For example, I found out that using GD&T and monte carlo simulations, many ASME 14.5 rules cannot be incorporated. Also the major problems with....
      [​IMG]does anyone have expirience exporting Inventor 2013 files to dstv?
      does anyone have expirience exporting Inventor 2013 files to dstv?
      [​IMG]modelling spur gear in pro e
      On above given website address, a pdf file is located in which method of modelling spur gear in pro e is mentioned. I think this method has some error or something missing, because it gives error when i try to model. Please if anybody and did.....
      [​IMG]POLL: Best project - Cambridge Engineering Dept design show.
      Eleven innovative design projects were on display at the Department of Engineering's Institute for Manufacturing to mark the end of a year-long project. More details here.....
      [​IMG]I have question about Impulse with pendulum. Please help me ............
      I have question about Impulse with pendulum. Alpha (α)= ø ( Angular Velocity ) Angular Acceleration α ̊= - (B/ml2)* α – (g/l) sin (θ)= f(t, θ, α) B – damping co- efficient g- Acceleration due.....
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