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  • adapter design for pressure sensor

    Discussion in 'Protecting your designs or inventions' started by hemnath, Sep 18, 2019.

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      Sep 2019
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      I have a 19mm dia piezo-resistive pressure sensor and aluminium enclosure(80x75x60 mm), Thickness: 4 mm

      I want to fix the sensor in the bottom of the enclosure.(refer google for digital pressure gauge)

      I had some ideas earlier. We need a housing with thread on top which will fits the sensor. The sensor is locked inside and nut is tightened with the housing thread. So that the sensor will not come out when pressure is applied. A square plate is welded to the housing and it has a centre hole, so that the sensor wires can be taken out from that hole. It also has a four holes on the sides. This housing will then be attached to the enclosure. This four holes will be used to fix the sensor housing to the enclosure using M4x8 screws. Refer fig for sensor housing

      Though the gasket is used between the sensor housing and enclosure, I assume the water will enter inside the enclosure through the screws to claim for IP66 rating.

      I don't say this way to attaching the sensor to the enclosure is good. Can you recommend any simpler way. So that I can learn it. IMG_20190918_100914.jpg


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