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  • Advances in AI and IIoT Bellwether for New Tech Directions in Industrial Automation

    Discussion in 'Industrial design' started by Nikhil M, Oct 1, 2019.


    Which is The Best Tool Of Industrial Automation?

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    1. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

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    2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

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    3. Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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    4. Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

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    5. Distributed Control System (DCS)

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    6. Robotics

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    1. Nikhil M

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      Sep 2019
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      Industrial automation has been key enablers as well as accelerators of a wide array of industrial processes and factories overall. Rapid strides in numerous other technology markets has driven the pace of evolution. Machine to machine (M2M) networking, industrial internet of things (IIoT), and artificial intelligence are at the forefront in this regard. Advances in sensor and adoption of nanoscale assembly systems have been bellwether for new technology directions in the industrial automation market. Production of industrial-grade products has seen wide impact. Examples include automotive assemblies, aircrafts, telecom networks, and heat treating boilers

      Advanced Industrial Control Technologies Boost Potential
      The potential shown by industrial automation to accelerate production capacities in manufacturing industries is outstanding. The trend has seen increasing incorporation of advanced industrial control technologies in human machine interface system has opened new avenues. Another key proposition for uptake of industrial automation is better labor management, such as boosting workers’ safety. Reduction of labor cost without sacrificing on productivity is a compelling stimulant for industrial automation adoption. The global industrial automation market is expected to spawn a revenue of US$352.02 bn by the end of 2024.

      Realization of Fully Automated Factories Exciting Concept in Industrial Automation
      The drive toward integrated industrial automation is a prominent trend spurring the uptake of industrial automation technologies. Fully automated factories are an immensely exciting concept in this regard. Inroads made by robotics have been driving the shift.

      Further, SCADA systems have generated groundswell on interest across end-use industries. The real-time data churned out by these systems has helped increase relevance of data-driven decision in process in an industrial automation framework. SCADA systems have made steady evolution as they incorporate advanced industrial control software and new automation platforms. Key industries under the radar of SCADA vendors are food and beverages, transportation, energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, and wastewater and water treatment.

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