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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by prephil, Nov 3, 2016.

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      Apr 2016
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      Hopefully some people will have experience here with Agile (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Ramification etc). I was reading an article from Scrum for Hardware Development that said the following:

      "One of the most useful solutions that Scrum teams have found in working with hardware is adjusting the frequent release principle. Instead of delivering a functional, physical product to the customer at the end of each sprint, teams have opted to deliver virtual simulations of the result of the sprint. This provides a reasonable solution for many of the challenges of using Scrum for hardware."

      Now I'm kinda familiar with how the design phase works for a machine build. After meeting with customer and noting requirements etc concept drawings are done and design reviews are held to ensure designs conform to customer requirements. Once final design review is signed off, drawings are sent out for tender or parts are made in-house and build can commence. That's obviously a very watered down description.

      My Questions

      Do many companies actually produce a simulated model for design reviews or are they mainly static in nature, preferring to use something like eDrawings or story books? Been a while since I used SolidWorks and back then it was very memory intensive to produce simulated designs even if they were small. Energy chain for example was a difficult thing to ‘move’ on screen. Usually the program crashed.

      Now I just did a quick Google and came across a link to PTC’s [link http://www.engineering.com/PLMERP/A...dustry-First-Agile-Software-Solution.aspx]New AgileWorx[/link] AgileWorx. Is there anybody using this and could they explain how it works?

      Alternatively is there anyone using Scrum in machine design and build/mechanical product development that could give some info on how they integrate agile into the machine build.

      Do you use the ‘frequent release principle’ and of so do you simulate the model to reproduce how it should (emphasis on should) work in the real world?

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