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  • Air mscles vs compliant mechanisms

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Agatha_012, Mar 25, 2022.


    Which one would you choose?

    1. Air muscle

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    2. Compliant mechanism.

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    1. Agatha_012

      Agatha_012 New Member

      Mar 2022
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      Hello, I am currently working on developing a soft tentacle arm robot, that can work in close proximity to humans. I initially intended it to be entirely made out of silicone. However, it seems it's not possible to make a silicone robot both soft and strong at the same time.
      So, I came up with 2 designs, but can't choose.
      1. The tentacle is divided into 8-10 sections horizontally; each section having 4 air muscles, that will be individually controlled through air vessels and a solenoid valve mechanism.
      2. The tentacle is again divided into 8-10 sections horizontally. However, this time, it will be controlled with a compliant mechanism mostly inspired by a compliant gripper. Here, I am planning to incorporate a solenoid valve mechanism into each section. Using electricity, I am planning to control the direction of the bending.
      Would appreciate any thoughts and discussions on this.
      Note: This is not the final design yet. Both versions need a lot of improvement. The question is, which one is worth investing more time in?

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