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  • An idea on automobile accessory

    Discussion in 'Protecting your designs or inventions' started by mystiq, Jan 3, 2015.

    1. mystiq

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      Jan 2015
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      I have an idea on how to improve internal car cabin midday temperature.
      So far i do not see any fittings in car that allows you to step into your in moderate temperature other than cooking your butt in midday!

      So if anyone is interested pls PM me..we go from there...i know i cannot do this alone however with many brains here dealing in automobile industry, i believe we can work on something or work something out!

      So what do you say...are you game?
      My background is, Plastic Inj & Die Casting tool designing, Process Engineering and General Mechanical.
      Hope the enterprising/innovative one's here can respond to this call, hope in this 2015 i can at least achieve to get in touch with like minded ppl here. :cool:

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