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  • Any one need a Electric Winch?

    Discussion in 'The business forum' started by yuantai, Jun 3, 2021.

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      Jun 2021
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      Electric winch is used to complete traction drive with human power or mechanical power via a reel, which can handle heavy materials or loads vertically or horizontally or obliquely. The electric winch has the features, such as, generality, compact structure with small volume, light dead weight, large lifting capacity and convenient to move, etc.

      Electric Winch
      An electric winch is usually consisted of the following components: coupling, brake, gear box, reel, all of which are installed on the machine frame for material handling. Electric winch has a good speed regulation which can lift heavy loads up to a high place at relative fast speed and make an empty hook down swiftly while for sensitive materials, the electric winch can run at a relatively slow speed.

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