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  • Apr 19th 2012: Pumps curves, finding entry level work in USA, seal FEA ....& stuff

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Apr 19, 2012.

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      As usual below is the usual digest of discussions that have been going on recently. I hope you enjoy them and would encourage you to join in (especially with the unanswered ones)

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      [​IMG]AutoCAD, Inventor or Solid works which is better for a beginner?
      I am a fresh graduate of mechanical engineering and wish to go for a special training on design software. Which of the above software do I start with and why? Thanks
      [​IMG]The Difficulties of Finding Entry Level Jobs in the USA
      I've applied for entry level jobs at both the Bachelors and Masters levels with no success (note I have a 3.9 GPA from a top university). Any job postings I find for supposedly "entry level" jobs have completely unrealistic requirements for recent graduates, despite the fact.....
      [​IMG]Pumps Curves?
      I am doing a project for which I need to select a pump. It is a closed circuit application. Does anybody know where I could learn how to read pump curves? I thought I knew how to do this, but I had a guesstimate for a pump, installed it then measured the flow rate (not enough), calculated.....
      [​IMG]Dual-focus contact lens prototypes ordered by Pentagon
      Link. Going to be used by the military initially but could be available to the public soon too. These things willl allow multiple images to be viewed at the same time. Could be used for "augmented reality" projects like.....
      [​IMG]FEA software for seal modelling
      I am looking to produce a structural model for a fuel cell stack. I would like to look at the load distribution throughout the assembly and at the seal deformation and stress.Does anyone have any experience of modeling something similar? It could.....
      [​IMG]Hello from an early career engineer
      Hello everyone, Matthew Jones here, nice to meet you. I'll introduce myself. I am a graduate student at the University of California, Davis, getting a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering (I also have a B.S. and M.S......
      [​IMG]How to get full HP from motors
      Is may be a question for some one that knows about electric motor controllers. Is there any way to get full HP from a motor other than proper gear reduction from peak efficiency RPM? That is: if a motor is.....
      [​IMG]Calculatin for engine cylender please help
      how to calculate stterling engine cylinder diameter or cylinder thickness and piston diameter and connecting rod length and connecting rod diameter for stterling engine.....i want to design stterling engine ....
      [​IMG]Pedal Powered Generator?
      I am thinking that anyone can build a better pedal powered generator than the ones sold on the internet.
      So I did some math but do not know anything about motor-generators. Like can I get one that will generate enough power at the speed I can.....
      [​IMG]How to decide on stress relieving ??
      I needed to know that how can one decide on stress relieving of fabricated strucutures..??
      Like to what extend does the below stated factors influence my decision to whether provide/not provide stress releiving-.....

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