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  • Apr 30th 2010 - Forum Newsletter!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Apr 30, 2010.

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      MDF Newsletter: 30th April 2010

      I hope that you liked the recent design changes in the forum. I've had some positive feedback from a few people so far, which is great. Please do let me know if there are any bugs/problems.

      No more spam (well not for you anyway) :D
      I'm very pleased to announce that the spam posts in the forum are now history thanks to an improvement to the forum software! Basically, all new members have their first post moderated before being published. Such a simple but effective improvement! It means that you won't have to see junk posts anymore. Unfortunately that's not the case for me - I still have to wade through them in the moderation queue. There are so many every day - it drives me crazy.

      Help needed - unanswered topics!
      Driven Castor wheels supplier/manufacturer
      "Does anyone know of a manufacture in the UK that supplies castor wheels/or equivalent that can mount to a driven axle?"

      Pump pressure question
      "I need to deliver a certain capacity in m3/s water. However the pipeline diameter measured on site is found to be 95% of what was originally designed. How much additional pump pressure is required to deliver still the same capacity..."

      Ceramics and Secondary Casting
      "I'm working on a product at the moment which will be slip cast from a ceramic, but it requires some accurate holes in it for a hinge..."

      HOT / interesting topics
      Tailing Lug on pressure vessels
      "Please advise guide lines for design of tailing lug and local stress on vessel due to tailing loads...."

      Importing Articulated Subassemblies in Solidworks 2010
      "In Inventor there's a 'make flexible' option in a drop down menu to allow subassemblies to move and hinge etc properly. How do I do this in SW2010..."

      Relationship between sound pressure and distance
      Interesting info/blog from one of our members. Definitely worth a look

      Design of compression spring
      "Can any one help me to design of compression spring? inputs: load:20N , Compression required 20mm..."

      Design of spur gear
      "I want to design a spur gear. inputs are tangential force on gear teeth is 20N. plz guide if any one know how to design a spur gear..."

      180 Degree rotation applied with single hydraulic Ram
      "I am trying to figure out a way to provide 180 degree rotation to a pivot point with a single ram..."

      Forum ranking structure explained! [​IMG]
      How to earn forum gold star(s).

      Off-topic random nonsense
      Yes folks! Don't forget to drop by the leisure lounge - the only online pub for mechanical design engineers. Here's a few examples of recent madness and mayhem:

      The Icelandic Volvano (Eyjafjallajokul...) Photos
      A thread about that volcano in Iceland containing some links to photos, and soon degenerating into transatlantic banter.

      Insane architecture!
      Here's a building shaped like a piano and cello. It's in China.

      The Trouble with Tribles (recruitment agencies)
      Discssion of recruitment consultants. Some heated discussion going on here: a real rant thread!

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