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  • Apr 4th 2012: Consulting, robotic arms, something about gearboxes ....& more stuff!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Apr 4, 2012.

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      As usual below is the usual digest of discussions that have been going on recently. I hope you enjoy them and would encourage you to join in (especially with the unanswered ones)

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      [​IMG]Robotic arm revolute joint design I'm trying to make an elbow joint for a robotic arm that is actuated with a stepper motor and two gears. Here's a quick sketch of what I'm trying to do: http://imgur.com/mBlg7 The two bottom plates will be attached to the 'bicep' and the two upper plates will be attached to the 'forearm.' The forearm pivots about the elbow shaft when the stepper motor rotates.[​IMG]How to get full HP from motors? Is may be a question for some one that knows about electric motor controllers. Is there any way to get full HP from a motor other than proper gear reduction from peak efficiency RPM? That is: if a motor is geared 8 to 1 at 3000 rpm and has 12†wheels, can it get full HP when climbing a hill at 20mph?
      [​IMG]Consulting I am beginning the research effort at determining how to start an engineering consultancy after retiring from my current employer. I would love to make contact with others who have already made the jump and to find out how they started their business, how they made contact with clients and the type of work they are doing now.[​IMG]Calculatin for engine cylender please help how to calculate stterling engine cylinder diameter or cylinder thickness and piston diameter and connecting rod length and connecting rod diameter for stterling engine..... i want to design stterling engine .... i get 200 R.P.M of Engine's fly wheel
      [​IMG]where do you search for parts? When you want to see if there is something that is readily available in the market, where do you look? I am a new mechanical design engineer in my first job. I work for a small company, we typically buy as much of parts as we can and make the others in-house. So, say I want a threaded stud, with left hand thread on one side and right hand[​IMG]does anybody else do this hobby? Hi im working on a security and privacy enhancing project which modifies programs and technology. Some of the security measures are practically 100% anonymous internet access, custom network setups thatre more secure , hidden vaults safes and tunnels, laser alarm systems, modified firewall like programs, custom operating systems, bulletpro
      [​IMG]Can an OHP's Fresnel lens be used to concentrate Solar Power? Can an OHP's Fresnel lens be used to concentrate Solar Power ? If so, can this power be used to run a (brass-cylinder) sterling engine? Has anyone used an OHP's lens before for a similar purpose ? What happens if a second OHP-Fresnel lens is brought into the path of light, does the intensity increase?[​IMG]Inventor Divide an object with multiple curves i don't know inventor very well so maybe someone here can help me...i want to divide a 3d model with 3 archs. The problem is inventor just let me select one arch and not all so my model gets unwanted cuts.
      [​IMG]Gearbox Design - Noise Issue Am designing a gearbox to be used with a motor that gives 7700 rpm at it's rated conditions. This setup is to be used in a home appliance and for the purpose of it's application the gear reduction needs to multiply the torque to quite a large value (~6 Nm). As a consequence of this the final speed is also reduced to around 800 rpm.[​IMG]At least a new aerospacel project promotted with heavy CGI that looks promising! Oh yeah here and around with hve trashed a lot of blank space filled with comments to describe our incredulity. But that one seems serious and ... brillant. Efficiency at work. Let me know your tought (read the comments bellow from "Docmordrid")

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