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  • Assistance on designing an hydraulic floating centering clamp

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by maxpsx, Feb 27, 2022.

    1. maxpsx

      maxpsx New Member

      Feb 2022
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      Hello everybody,

      I am facing a problem while trying to find a workholding solution allowing to make the centering expander floating (in yellow on the photo) on the XY plane (+/- 1 mm in these two axes) and without play on the Z axis. I would also need the assembly to be hydraulically locked once the clamping points are in contact with the part.

      Here is what I design but I am not happy with it, mainly about sealling which can be complicated

      floating interface1.png

      Do you guys have better ideas ?

      I am also working on a special 3-touch hydraulic centerer allowing +/- 1mm off center thank to hydraulic distribtion but it is complicate to find a simple and reliable solution to make each touch move independently and retratable with double acting piston

      Floating centerer.png

      Best regards
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