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  • August 8th 2010 - Newsletter!

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Aug 8, 2010.

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      MDF Newsletter: 8th August 2010

      Hello members!

      I hope you’ve been having a great summer. It hasn’t been bad at all in the UK – we’ve have a few really decent spells of sunshine this year which was very welcome after last year’s disappointing summer. Certainly no complaints here!

      It’s a while since we’ve had a “Mechanical Design Forum” newsletter, so I thought it was about time I dropped you one to let you know of some recent developments. We’re now 1 year old and at the time of writing we have 542 members! It’s reassuring to see that the membership is constantly expanding. It’s also good to see that those spammers are now history – not a single one has got through since I took measures a couple of months ago. We’re currently also well represented on search engines: search for “mechanical design” and you’ll see us either near the top of the list …or actually at the very top!

      Meet-up in London …anyone??
      I’m proposing a “Mechanical Design Forum” meet-up in London sometime in September. At present it looks like 3 of us can make it. Anyone else? Please check out this thread for more details.

      Another chance to win A 3D mouse (coming very soon).
      I hope to announce a new prize draw very soon to win a very cool 3D mouse – perfect for 3D modeling! Hopefully I’ll be able to kick this off within the next week or two (let’s give everyone a chance to get back from their holidays, shall we?) Watch this space.

      Facebook group
      The Mechanical Design Forum now has a Facebook group! Click here to check it out.

      Useful stuff!
      When a new member signs up to the forum, they now receive a welcome message containing useful info about the forum. The message contains helpful tips on how to use the forum and suggestions on customising your profile. You can read this info here. Please check it out if you haven’t already done so – there might be lots of helpful info there you might not already know about.

      On the subject of new members, please say hello to some of our recent newbies who’ve been posting in our “Pop in and say hello” section: Hare, Caroline, pgr307, makodavey, jalatty, vamsilakshya, AlexeyP, cindy198845and MMJ

      Some recent unanswered technical questions
      If anyone can help these people out it would be very much appreciated:
      :?: How is the differential of a car designed?
      :?: What is proper way to convert 3D and 2D drawings from Mechanical Desktop 2008 to Inventor 2008?
      :?: Cycloidal reducer question
      :?: Calculating correct tooth thickness for involute external spur gear
      :?: Autoclave question

      Hot topics
      Here are a few examples from our recent “hot topics”:
      :arrow: Stainless steel deep draw
      :arrow: How to make shiny surfaces of stainless steel
      :arrow: How to drill inox?
      :arrow: Five greatest Apple failures
      :arrow: Go-go Gadget Chinese Straddling Super Bus!
      :arrow: Parting Line Grinding Machine
      :arrow: "Britain needs to copy the French and love its engineers"

      Finally I’d like to welcome our newest sponsor, Kingsbridge Professional Solution (see below for more info:

      Best regards,
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      Cool - I'll look forward to this!

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