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  • Australian engg looking for job in USA

    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by MMJ, Jul 8, 2010.

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      Jul 2010
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      I am an Australian based Mechanical engineer with 15+ years experience in Product development / design engineering.
      I am currently exploring opportunities in USA ( Australia is a great place to leave but Mfg is in a downward spiral) + High taxes)
      I would like to network with people on this forum wit the hope of I can get some help
      Australian citizens can get a visa called E3 which is lot easier than H1 for the prospective employer.
      Further I have found a HR consultant who does a 3 way contract so employers don't have to sponsor me directly .
      Could anybody help me in my search
      My main offering is - Project management of NPD, Design to manufacture 3D CAD + Vendor development from Asia ( both manufacturing/ tooling and CAD outsourcing to places like India)
      I wish to concentrate my effort in warm weather parts of USA
      - any specific websites with Solidworks jobs
      - Is there a group / soc of Product Design Engineers? as compared to ASME ( my qualifications are likely to be recognized as B.S. Product Design Engineering.

      Industry I have experience in is
      - High end office furniture
      - Door lock/ security devices
      - Medical Devices
      - Precision Manufacturing engineering

      All help appreciated
      mahesh Joglekar
      Brisbane , Australia
      [email protected]

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