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  • Automation Engineer opening in Boston

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by Mark Nardelli, Jan 18, 2017.

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      Jan 2017
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      - 5+ years of industry experience
      - BS/MS in mechanical, chemical, or electrical engineering
      - Experience programming (Control Logics, Panel View, Ladder Logics, SCADA, PLC5 programming)
      - Candidate must be able to work across functional areas such as operations, maintenance, quality and regulatory.
      - Technical writing and document review


      - Knowledge of database applications and Allen-Bradley PLC, GE iFix and iHistorian
      - Familiarity of automation network, such as Ethernet, DH+, ControlNet, etc.


      Insight Global is seeking an Automation Engineer with at least five years of experience to provide engineering and technical support related to the operation, maintenance, installation, startup/commissioning, testing, and qualification of process and automated equipment and systems within a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility. This may include production
      equipment such as bioreactors, fermenters, ultrafiltration skids, Clean – In – Place (CIP) skids,and other support equipment. This position will also focus heavily on PLC5 programming such as control logics, panel view, ladder logics, and SCADA. Oracle database experience would also be preferred as much of our client's data references back to this for historian phase tables.

      Other key roles and responsibilities are as follows:

      - Support the operation and troubleshooting of manufacturing equipment and control systems used in the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals.
      • Support reliability eng! ineering for production and support equipment.
      • Provide on the floor operational support as needed.
      • Support the design and qualification of improvements, changes, or upgrades to this equipment as needed.
      • Support the development of design and startup documents such as commissioning plans, User Requirement Specification (URS), Functional Requirement Specification (FRS), Configuration Specification (CS).
      • Support the development of validation and qualification documents.
      • Provide the execution of commissioning and qualification activities.
      • Support the maintenance department as needed.
      • Provide equipment maintenance history review.
      • Support all investigations and audits as needed.
      • Support process and component improvement projects as needed.
      • Provide off-shift and on call support when necessary.

      Note: off shift (nights and weekends) may be required on an as needed basis. Must also be available fo! r minimal travel for equipment support.

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