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  • Basic trailing arm suspension design

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by kuohu, Oct 28, 2013.

    1. kuohu

      kuohu Member

      May 2013
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      I'm currently designing a trailer which will be towed behind a large 4x4 vehicle and be capable of being driven on and off road. Suspension will be independent, trailing arm style and over 200mm suspension travel will be required.

      I've not designed this kind of kit previously and hence I'm looking for any pointers on web resources for the selection of the spring-damper.

      Thanks in advance.
    3. Kealan

      Kealan New Member

      Oct 2013
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      There's a program called SusProg, it's not freeware but I believe there's a free trial available, try it and see, I found it good and I know it'd widely used for FSAE suspension design baselines.
      It's a simulation package so it'll give you all your paramaters and how they change relative to wheel movement.
      I'd be inclined to see what spring-damper assemblies are common and easily available off the shelf, and then use that to drive your design rather than having a design fixed and not being able to find a spring/damper to suit

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