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    Discussion in '2D and 3D CAD general discussion forum' started by Blitz, Aug 29, 2015.

    1. Blitz

      Blitz New Member

      Aug 2014
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      Hi, I think this forum is better to discuss about cad software, but maybe somebody can help with cam software? I have new career opportunities from CNC operator/miller to CNC programer, so I need good learning resources to program milling machines. Maybe somebody knows good free books, video in torrents, youtube, or somewhere else? And what is good machining forum to discuss about this?
      Also I'm thinking about mechanical design position, I have bachelor degree in engineering too, so maybe somebody knows what is the best way and learning to become this? I know need a lot of knowledge, about materials, electronics, IT, pneumatics, hydraulics and etc., but also need practical experience and strong company for opportunities?
      Looking for help. Thanks :)

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