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  • Bilingual Mechanical System Engineer at Foliage, Inc – Fremont, CA fluent in Japanese

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by KatieM, Oct 8, 2014.

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      Foliage, Inc. is offering a uniqueopportunity for a 3 month contract that will incorporate superiorengineering design skills, multiple language capabilities and a desire totravel.
      In addition to being bilingual in Japaneseand English, being able to read and understand both English and Japaneseengineering documents, the ideal candidate will have:
      1. 5+ years’ experience in the design ofsemiconductor process equipment with good knowledge of the system designs andmodules used in the industry. (Modules may include, for example, vacuum systemcomponents (e.g. valves, pumps,) gas system components (e.g. valves, tubing,flow controls,) wafer handling equipment, sensors, and the like.)
      2. Proven expertise as a mechanical, process, orelectromechanical system engineer
      3. Excellent client-facing skills– working with anddiscussing the project with clients; communicating verbally anddeveloping/giving presentations
      4. Be adept at navigating engineering documentationdatabases
      5. Superior problem solving skills
      6. The ability to travel between the US and Japanas frequently as monthly

      1. BSME/BSEE preferred

      Project: The project involves sorting throughengineering data, as directed and prioritized by the client, looking for placeswhere identical and/or similar components or modules are used on separateclient products. For some components, the project requires comparison ofpublished specifications of commercial components or modules and a doing ageneral engineering analysis so as to assess the possibility of substitution ofone module for another, with or without associated interface redesign of theproduct.

      Foliage, Inc., a product development company, partners withcompanies to address the business and technical challenges inherent indeveloping complex software‐intensive systems. By providing a full complementof engineering and consulting services aligned to business needs and appliedover the entire product lifecycle, Foliage enables companies to acceleratedevelopment and drive more predictability and productivity into theirbusinesses. Foliage leverages over 20 years of experience partnering withleading companies in the Medical and Life Sciences, Aerospace and Defense, andIndustrial Equipment industries. Working with Foliage, companies gain thecritical insights necessary to develop products with a difference, and todeliver the products their customers want, when they want them.
      Foliage is based in Burlington,Massachusetts with additional offices in California, the Netherlands and India.For more information, visit foliage.com.
      Resumes should be sent to kmcauliffe AT foliage.com

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