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  • "Bootstrap" Air Cooling System (Thermodynamics)

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by JME, Jun 18, 2018.

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      Oct 2017
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      Hi There, Can anyone please help with the attached diagram of a cooling system?
      In particular the role of the compressor. I understand what happens at each stage but I am keen to understand why.
      The Hot Airflow passes the Flow Control Valve and some passes through the Primary Heat Exchanger. The now cooler air passes through the Compressor Increasing its pressure and temperature before then flowing through the second heat exchanger which cools the air while the pressure remains relatively constant. This Air now flows through the Turbine doing work whilst also expanding giving up some heat and pressure. (The turbine drives the compressor)

      A question that I received in a practice test (Aircraft General Knowledge) was the following with the following answer which I have a bit of an issue with;

      Q: In a bootstrap Cooling System, the bleed air is compressed in the cold air unit to:
      A: ensure a sufficient temperature drop in the secondary heat exchanger

      I don't believe this is the purpose of the compressor and as this is a Thermodynamics problem but taught at a basic level for Pilots, I don't feel those teaching it are best equipped to explain it from an engineering perspective and would appreciate getting a better explanation.

      Thanks in advance.
    3. GoodCat

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      Nov 2018
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      Could you please attach the drawings, drawings or 3d models, i do not quite understand what you want to say.

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