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  • BSB profile design box with door

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by nielsgeode, Jul 25, 2022.

    1. nielsgeode

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      Jul 2022
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      Since I'm not an engineer, but a chemist with little knowledge on engineering, please be gentle.

      For my extreme close-up photography setup I would like to create a BSB frame around it. It serves 2 purposes:
      1) It seals everything from dust and it looks nice and professional and is more convenient than a dust cover
      2) I can use the slots to attach accessories for my photography (such as clamps, diffusion material, a mirror, etc.).

      So far the design is only on paper. There are hinges available and you could make a door in the front of the frame for easy access. There are 2 issues here: there is a 5mm slit so its not dust proof and the door cannot swing open more than 150-160 degrees, which is impractical.

      Therefore I had the idea of putting steel T-nuts in the slots and attach a poly-carbonate (PC) plate with magnets glued to it. I tested the idea with a 2mm thick sheet of PC and a fairly large neodymium ring magnet. It feels like it comes off far too easy due to the distance between T-nut and magnet.

      Other ideas are much appreciated. For example, something with sliders or a removable / movable frame that attaches in such a way that it dust-seals the setup.


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