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  • Cable suspended architecture?

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by z9znz, Aug 6, 2022.

    1. z9znz

      z9znz New Member

      Aug 2022
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      Hello all.

      I was pondering alternatives to traditional concrete foundation home construction (such as stilts). However, there are challenges related to shifting land which make stilt construction not ideal for many parts of the world.

      Instead I wonder if a structure could be suspended by cables from stilts or pylons. It seems it should be possible to design a system that would self balance or be manually adjustable to maintain a level structure, and it would overall be highly tolerant of land changes (gradual or rapid (earthquake)).

      But finding examples or discussions about this idea have thus far eluded me. Perhaps that's because it's a terrible or unworkable idea; or it is just unconventional, and some interesting topics can be difficult to find via search.

      Does anyone have comments or references to this topic?

      Thanks in advance!

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