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  • Calculating Buckling?

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by harvistar, Apr 10, 2012.

    1. harvistar

      harvistar New Member

      Apr 2012
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      I am a second year and I have a tute problem where I have to determine if buckling occurs in a monorail with a 4m span between supports.

      The monorail will be carrying a 300kg weight along it.

      The supports can be seen in the attached URL, and it needs to be determined if and how much deformation occurs in the two circled locations of the support.

      I appreciate any help in advance and could you please show all working.


    3. Virgule

      Virgule Active Member

      Nov 2011
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      Buckling can occur when a beam is under a compressive load that leads to geometrical instability.

      In your case, buclking can occur at two places :
      - In the existing 310ub40 beam : this is a case of "anchored-free excentric load";
      - In the 180ub22 beam : if the flanges of the beam are placed perpendicularly to the load, the lowest flange will be under a compression.

      Calculating whether of not buclking occurs at the two mentionned positions would be one of the steps you should take when verifying failure criterias. I'm not sure what buclking has to do with the circled zones on your drawing though. Also, your drawing could be a little more explicative, I might have interpreted the loading and anchors wrong.

      I could recommend a reference on buclking if you want, but it's in french. If you need basic buckling or static failure theory, I could supply you with some formulas, which you should know anyway. Also, CSA S16.1 is quite complete when considering the limit states when designing support beams.


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