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  • Cederic Lynch's 93% efficient electric motor

    Discussion in 'Mechanical Design news & events' started by Pete, Dec 15, 2010.

    1. Pete

      Pete Well-Known Member

      Sep 2009
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      Just got told about this at work:

      "Walace and Gromits world of invention" (UK only... i think)

      I think the series has been featuring inventors and inventions, and this episode features an electric motor which uses a "continuously variable electric field" and is upto 93% efficient. His motor came in 2nd and 4th in the Isle of Man Electric TT race.

      Not being a motor person, this sounds quite impressive, so thought i'd put it out there :)

      Also. did you know that electric cars have been around for around 150 years?!

      Anyone see any others in this series? Any good?
    3. johntargell

      johntargell Member

      Nov 2009
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      Way back in 1979 or 1980 we competed against Cedric in the 1st Lucas Electrathon at Donnington park. He was obviously a "mad inventor" and had made his own motor then from empty baked bean tins and araldite and cured it in his Mum's oven! It was definitely a lot smaller than our motor, yet just as powerful - I can't remember where he finished but I seem to recall he did pretty well.

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