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  • Change a design from Stamping process to Forging process

    Discussion in 'Sheet metal' started by sanketk, May 3, 2019.

    1. sanketk

      sanketk New Member

      May 2019
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      Hi Everyone,

      I have a design that was originally intended for and designed for stamping process but now the customer wants to convert it to a forged part.

      I need to know this:

      1. Can we make this part with forging process?
      2. If not, which features in this part are stopping us from forging it? What basic design modifications do we have to make in order to be able to forge it?

      Thanks, looking forward to your opinion.

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    3. s.weinberg

      s.weinberg Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Nov 2012
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      Nothing jumps out at me, but it's not an area I claim expertise in, and its hard to read parts of the image (not enough resolution)

      Mostly posting to try to help separate this from all the spam that suddenly seems to have infiltrated the forums
    4. MattH

      MattH New Member

      Nov 2018
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      There are several areas that might prevent you forging it.
      The two recessed features detailed in section B-B, not even sure how you would stamp those, unless the part is folded after stamping of course?
      The overall shape doesn't really lend itself to forging, might be worth asking why forging has been requested, what benefits are there?
      As part of a wider design exercise, could this be combined with another part and
      then be Additively manufactured?

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