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    Discussion in 'Manufacturers of mechanical parts' started by Dan Kin, Sep 1, 2017.

    1. Dan Kin

      Dan Kin New Member

      Sep 2017
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      I am Dan Kim from Partners-lab, located in Seoul, Korea. If you need to make parts with CNC or 3D printer, please let me know. Your RFQ be very much appreciated even a small or single quantity. Also if you have questions about 3D printing (SLS/DMLS) service, I will be very happy to assist you. Thank you very much!

      Partners-lab is specialized in,
      - Precision machined parts (3/5 axis “DMG-Mori” CNC, Turn Mill)
      - 3D printed parts (“EOS” DMLS / SLS).
      - Prototyping
      - Mass Production

      Partners-lab promises,
      - Fast Lead Time (Within a week for most of one-off prototypes)
      - Guaranteed Quality at Reasonable Cost

      We are accredited with ISO 13485, TS 16949, AS9100 and also ISO 14001 certification.

      For more information, please kindly take your time to enter our web site.
      [email protected]
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    3. nishagg

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      Nov 2017
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      1. CNC machines are subtractive manufacturing machines, i.e. they create a 3D modeled object by cutting / slicing / drilling away parts from a solid block of raw material - like carving a bird shape out of a wooden block, for instance.
        3D printers are additive manufacturing machines, i.e. they build up a 3D modeled object by building up layer upon layer of the desired raw material - Like building a house by laying layers of bricks, for instance.
      2. CNC machines are wasteful of raw material: The removed material is in the form of shavings, filings or powder, or even smoke (laser CNC machines) and cannot be reused, or at least not as conveniently.
        3D printers have a small raw material overhead, as the volume of material deposited / polymerized is almost the same as the solid volume of the resultant product.
      3. CNC machines work with a relatively small set materials, since the raw material block must be “machinable”, solid, and essentially rigid.
        3D printers work with a wider range of materials, including flexible polymers, various thermoplastics, various metals (usually supplied in powder form), and with newer materials being added to the repertoire rapidly.

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