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  • Comparable Pressure at various temperatures

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by lvfd50, Nov 6, 2012.

    1. lvfd50

      lvfd50 New Member

      Nov 2012
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      I have an aluminum part that needs to withstand 270 psig at 415°f. I will need to test it at room temperature, 75°f. How do i figure out what pressure i will need to test at to verify that the part can withstand the specified pressure? I need to know the equivalent pressure at room temp.
      Thanks for any help.
    3. D. Naukam

      D. Naukam Member

      Jul 2011
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      I am not sure if the above response was beneficial to you so may I add the following:
      The first thing to do is determine the yield strength at temperature and at the ambient test condition. You are attempting to test the material by duplicating the stresses encountered during operation. You stated that the component is aluminum. There are many aluminum materials and each can be tempered so I can not make a determination on the yields. Ratio the stresses and apply this factor to the pressure to determine required pressure for ambient temperature testing.


      You may also wish to test above this value to validate performance, just make sure you do not approach the actual yield stress (keep it under 90% yield).

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