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  • Constructive Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Fans

    Discussion in 'Manufacturers of mechanical parts' started by impactgroupusa1, Dec 11, 2015.

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      To reduce the hot air circulation, air cooled heat exchanger devices are ideal. Air cooled heat exchanger fans are also called Fin Fan Heat Exchange's and are mostly used where the desired outlet temperature is attained by giving the maximum ambient temperature. This device is essential for reusing heat from a fluid or gas in a straight line to ambient air. The ongoing cost of the air cooled heat exchangers is relatively very low. These are very useful in cases where the requirement of outlet temperature is higher than the surrounding ambient air temperature.

      Air and water are two major sources for cooling both fluids and gases. As compared to water cooling equipment's, these air cooling equipment's are more easy to use since water cooling equipment's have an extra demand of central chillers, piping, pumps and cooling towers. Also the air cooling devices do not need any water so the equipment's are not required to be built near any water source. The treatment and disposal of water has become more expensive with stringent environmental safety guidelines and in such a scenario Air cooled heat exchanger fans are a blessing.

      Designing of the Heat Exchangers:

      The air cooled heat exchanger fans are used in multiple applications such as water and glycol coolers, lube oil coolers, jacket water cooler, inter/after coolers on compressors, hydraulic oil coolers, belt guard after-coolers, gas transmitter facility, gas compressor packages, condensing and cooling of gases, steam condensers, condensers and closed loop cooling systems.

      The heat exchanger cooling fans transfer the heat from one fluid to another fluid whether the fluid is in contact with each other or separated by a solid wall. The fans present on these exchangers, transfer the heat from one fluid to another, which makes these fans an essential part of the air cooled heat exchangers. According to the specific need of a heat exchanger the fans should be selected wisely. A wide range of fans are available for catering to the individual specific needs of these heat exchangers.

      The fans can be obtained in various sizes ranging from 2 to 6 ft and it can have blades up to 12. The static pressure of the fan could be up to 2 Inches of WG with an air flow of up to 3,000,000 CFM. Operating temperature for these heat exchangers could range from 40ºF to 248ºF. These heat exchangers offer an advantage of reduced power for same air or more air with less power. These are the equipment's that need a minimal initial cost with an optimal operational cost all through its usage life. The air cooled heat exchangers have inbuilt FRP impellar that offers efficient operation to the device. Heat exchangers are easy to install and offer great benefits.

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