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  • conversion software jpg to dxf?

    Discussion in '2D and 3D CAD general discussion forum' started by JohnnyB21, Nov 1, 2012.

    1. JohnnyB21

      JohnnyB21 New Member

      Nov 2012
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      I was looking for some kind of user friendly software that converts jpg/png files to a dxf format. I've fiddled with some of them like Print2Cad and Img2cad - but wasn't impressed. Print2cad had thousands of option that I couldn't figure out and it produced some wacky dxf vectors. Img2cad was simplistic but didn't pick up any circles or radiuses (appeared to just be small straight lines instead of an actual arc)

      Anyone have any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    3. Dana

      Dana Well-Known Member

      Sep 2010
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      I have yet to see a really good automatic image to CAD converter. The problem is that the image file is just a bunch of dots with no underlying information, and the software has to try to interpret what it sees and deduce the shape it's representing. Rarely will the result have acceptable accuracy; it's usually better to redraw it from scratch.

      On the few occasions where I want to get CAD data from an image file, I import it as an image into the CAD package (Kubotek KeyCreator in my case) and manually trace over it after scaling it. This way I can place lines according to any dimensions that may be on the drawing image, and make intelligent decisions where there are no dimensions, like using even numbers when drawing a CAD line over a fuzzy line on the image.
    4. [h=2]Img2CAD is a very good software I have found.[/h]
    5. andrew_neil

      andrew_neil Active Member

      Jul 2013
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      You can use Scan2CAD for this.You can get very good guide to do your job.
      Hope it helps.
    6. fshnow

      fshnow Member

      May 2012
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      I have used all the same ones as you, and have found out that the lines get a little weird when you zoom in. I am talking about a simple curve will have all kinds of arcs and straight lines in it, corners can also get a little strange. If the design is simple enough I bring the photo into the background of my CAD program (SW or AutoCAD) and just start to draw. My lines are much cleaner and it seems to work easier.

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