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  • Custom diamond tread on machined parts

    Discussion in 'Machining' started by guitarpirate, Jul 29, 2014.

    1. guitarpirate

      guitarpirate New Member

      Jul 2014
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      I am designing a part on the surface of which I want to put several custom-looking diamond tread patterns, partly for cosmetics (priority 1) and partly to increase friction (priority 2, less important). The part will be touching the ground on that side, and if the weight is put on it a certain way I would like the treads to dig in to resist slipping.


      I am working in Inventor 2015, and I know both SolidWorks and Inventor have custom materials you can apply to make a surface look like diamond tread. In my case the tread has a fairly unique custom shape so I need specific dimensions to define it for the manufacturer.

      Now my question is, has anyone done something like this before and how is it best to handle such a design feature? For instance, is it best to include it into the drawing as geometry, or include a picture as a decal and tell the manufacturer I want it to look like diamond tread but with specific modifications, or do some manufacturers have their own method for working with small "bumpy" features like this?
    3. Erich

      Erich Well-Known Member

      Feb 2012
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      Since your part is a custom machined part, I would create your diamond tread shapes as real geometry on your part.
      Then I would make a detail view of a typical pattern and dimension that on the drawing.

      By creating real geometry, the machinist can use his CAM program to extract the exact shape you want.

      If your part were created from a sheet of standard diamond plate material I might use a decal since I am not controlling the shape of the diamonds and the decal will result in smaller file sizes.

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