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    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by JRDPC, Apr 16, 2011.

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      Our direct client is looking to fill the following contract position. If interested, please forward a resume in word format to [email protected]

      Position: Design Engineer Technician
      Location: Southern, MA
      Length: 12 Months

      Position: Design Engineering Technician
      Location: Southern, MA
      Length: 12+ Months

      As a design-engineering technician, you will assist in new product design development, design upgrades to existing products and lab infrastructure improvements. This position will provide various opportunities to develop mechanical, electrical, technical writing, data analysis, creativity, programming, leadership and other skills.

      Most important tasks and responsibilities:

      Perform engineering tests, ensure that all test are completed accurately, on-time and clearly documented.
      Acquire, analyze and document data, technical report writing.
      Develop and fixture electrical and mechanical test set-ups interfacing with automated data acquisition equipment.
      Run electrical, mechanical and product evaluation studies
      Contribute to lab continuous improvement in the areas of safety and test integrity.

      Educational requirements:

      AS Electronics or Mechanical Engineering Technology is required.
      Familiarity with MS Office Suite is required
      A successful candidate will have a mix of electrical (e.g. basic circuits, data acquisition) and mechanical (e.g. pneumatics, machining) skills.
      Knowledge of MS Access, Visual Basic or Agilent VEE and basic statistics is desired.

      Additional requirements:

      Ability to communicate effectively and influence design engineers and technicians to develop product designs and manufacturing engineering teams to support development of production tooling.
      Development testing and data analysis, validation testing, test report writing, lab equipment preventative maintenance and continuous improvement.
      Effective time management, ability to organize and manage multiple projects for 1 or 2 engineers simultaneously.
      Requires the drive to consistently meet short and long-term customer deadlines.
      Ability to work with engineers and other technicians to achieve team goals.
      Strong problem solving skills.
      Weekend work may sometimes be required to maintain the program schedule.

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