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    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by Cathytbagley, May 17, 2018.


    Do you have experience designing construction attachments? i.e. buckets, thumbs?

    1. buckets

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    2. thumbs, rakes

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    1. Cathytbagley

      Cathytbagley New Member

      May 2018
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      Are you ready to join a privately owned company where you can be treated like family, work and live near the beach in coastal N.C., while working in a new facility?

      If you have a strong background in Design Engineering within the Construction Equipment Attachment space, this role is for you!

      The Design Engineer will be responsible for designing custom mechanical attachments for clients, meeting their specifications. The attachments will range from small to large. This role is in the Wilmington, NC area and relocation assistance is negotiable.


      * At least 3 years’ experience in the Construction Attachment space (Thumbs, Buckets, etc.)

      * Experience with modifications, new design and troubleshooting –making sure the design matches the specifications

      * CAD/CAM experience

      This is a fast paced work environment where attention to detail is critical. Having a background in the Construction Mechanical Attachment space is a must. The Design Engineer will report to the owner of the company. Base salary and benefits are provided and relocation is negotiable. A great opportunity for the right person!

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