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  • Directing Microwaves (collimation)?

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by FernandoGarza, Oct 31, 2016.


    Best materials for microwave collimation

    1. Copper

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    2. aluminum

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    3. ceramics

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    1. FernandoGarza

      FernandoGarza Member

      Aug 2015
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      So I've been all over the internet trying to find an answer and I just can't find it.

      I'm making an experiment, I want to send microwaves from a magnetron through a loop (like a torus but hollow inside) and I want to know what material should this loop be so that the electrons don't hit the walls (I want a continuous flow of microwaves through the loop).

      I think I could use copper but I don't know if its efficient enough, or maybe I need to create a magnetic field so that the electrons don't hit the walls?

      I'm a bit lost. Any Ideas?, did I explain myself?

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