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  • Does the engineering industry do enough to attract female talent?

    Discussion in 'Mechanical design JOBS' started by tmark938, Nov 20, 2018.

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      I'm glad John and MSH brought up that point. When you see little girls encouraged in a certain path and not pushed to do better in STEM, opposite to little boys that are expected to try, try, try and get technically great, no wonder you end up with this kind of "biologically inclined" logic to explain the diaspora!

      Everyone is different, and the difference doesn't lie in sex. I work with humans who have trouble synthesizing information. Others who would rather be on the practical side rather than understand the foundations. Colleagues of mine who want to get the foundation of what they are using as technics and aren't being productive because of that, while others are hell-bent on sticking to their domain of expertise and not expand their understanding. This is a melee of sexes in there. Being a woman or a man sure doesn't come in that equation, whether in productivity or in mindset.

      Right now, Girls that code, SWE and universities are reaching out to girls in elementary and middle schools. They are trying to break that cycle by educating teachers, parents and children that the mental effort and resilience expected from a child, the patience invested in making sure they learn and are open to practices, is not focused on a specific gender.

      Don't tell your baby girl it's fine she has a C in math when her brother gets a lecture because he had a B in technology.

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