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    Discussion in 'UK jobs' started by 3fD, Aug 2, 2011.

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      Aug 2011
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      3form Design – Product Design and Innovation Consultancy
      3fD is a melting pot for ideas drawn from a diverse range of industries. This relentless creativity is not simply a visual sensitivity but it also expresses a knowledge of trends, engineering and science.

      3fD have been responsible for illustrating beauty as well as devising clever mechanisms and even innovating machines for the production of unique products. We are more than pretty pictures - we have Solid Industrial Know How too!

      Alternative materials, innovative processes, and new techniques constantly add to the 3fD toolbox of ways to create fashionable and marketable product difference.

      We are a welcoming team of passionate and skilled professionals. United under the banner of 3fD we achieve satisfaction in producing products that exceed our client’s expectations.

      We are looking for a talented electro-mechanical designer with an aptitude for solving problems.
      Must have at least 3 years commercial experience in this field and be able to provide examples of their ability.
      Must be able to model anything Solidworks
      Are you looking for a place where you are surrounded by creative minds?

      How to Apply
      go to http://www.3formdesign.com, and fill in the contact form,
      or phone ally on 01264 326306

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