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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by Mark A. Domian, Mar 8, 2013.

    1. Mark A. Domian

      Mark A. Domian New Member

      Dec 2012
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      One of my investors is wanting an engineering cost estimate. I have the basic drawings but need somone to do "final drawings" for submission to the USPTO and need to know how expensive this will be. I do not need machine or production drawings yet but they still need to be detailed enough for my protection and to properly convey the concept. Any advice?
    3. Michael Ross

      Michael Ross Well-Known Member

      Mar 2012
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      Drawings for a cost estimate are very different from drawings for submittal to USPTO. Two different purposes, and two different audiences.

      Many patent attorneys and firms contract out drawings for you if necessary.

      You will usually get incorrect quotes if the drawings do not represent all the salient features and tolerances. So there is risk if you do not have near production quality drawings.

      You might get overly cheap quotes, commit to much more future work, then find out that the product will be much more expensive than estimated. Or you get people overpricing in the quotes due to lack of detail and you choose not to pursue a viable product.

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