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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by bw2011, Jul 31, 2020.

    1. bw2011

      bw2011 Forum Manager

      Feb 2011
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      Dear All,

      Like any forum, this one has its team of core members who've been with us for years, and shared a lot of great advice along the way. This thread is dedicated to them.
      I would like to thank them personally for being with us and here's to 10 more years!
      This is the thread for them to tell us about themselves (self-promotion is allowed :p)
      and for us to get to know them better!

      ┌──────────────── •✧✧• ────────────────┐
      -Here's our 2020 Honours List-
      └──────────────── •✧✧• ────────────────┘
      ✩。:*•. EngineeringClicks Experts .•*:。✩

      Well known members close to Expert status:
      Paul T

      »»————- ★ ————-««​
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    3. s.weinberg

      s.weinberg Well-Known Member EngineeringClicks Expert

      Nov 2012
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      This is me:


      I've been fortunate to have had an interesting career, not completely by choice.

      Done a bit of just about everything in the process of making stuff. I design it, build it, qualify it, test it, and set up mass production - and design and build most of the jigs and fixtures used to do it, as well as sourcing stuff, finding and qualifying vendors, programming, setting up and running machines, training personnel, etc.

      My cool cache for my kids was set at one of my earliest companies where I built bomb disposal robots and prototype space rovers. Not quite as cool, I've also done hydraulic system design, heat sinks, solar power, medical, and now work for a company that does a bit of everything. Last major project was a core component of a product that will be a centerpiece in Dubai Expo 2020 (now in 2021) and feature in an installation in Vancouver.

      As is probably abundantly clear to anyone who has spent some time here, I also have a serious case of, "someone is wrong on the internet" syndrome - though it's not as bad as it was a few years back :D

      Now, I'm going to be 'that guy'.

      While I appreciate his contributions, and he's shown himself to be a lovely bloke, who knows how to have a (looooonnnng) civil discussion online, even when things get a bit touchy, I don't know if Paul T should be counted in the same list of experts among names like K.I.S.S, Dana, and Ehrich
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    4. Erich

      Erich Well-Known Member

      Feb 2012
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      Hey all,
      I got a PM from the sys admins that I had been added to an honours list and to c'mon down and give a little acceptance speech.

      First of all I would like to thank Steve W. for the shout out above, next I would like to thank the academy for this honour.
      First off, I am a mechanical engineer by birth. I grew up having more fun taking my toys apart than playing with them. By the time I was 10 I could even get them back together and functional.
      I began my career in engineering working for Hewlett Packard designing XY plotters and later Inkjet printers and cartridges. Designing computer controlled mechanisms, while surrounded by insanely smart coworkers. Heaven! I have also had stints working for medical device companies, small engineering services companies and startups. Along the way I had the chance to work with maniacal_engineer. We both share a love of exposing people who don't believe in the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
      My current gig is working for a DRS Daylight Solutions, a Defense company making products that use Quantum Cascade Lasers. We make both Scientific instruments and products that defend helicopters from heat seeking missiles. Our motto is Protecting with Light. This is a great company with the best corporate culture since I started at HP in the 80's.

      Thanks again for the honour.

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