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  • farts could be a new energy source or maybe not

    Discussion in 'The Leisure Lounge' started by Justcurioustwo, Aug 2, 2020.

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      Nov 2019
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      Someone in another forum made a comment about farts and how you could light one with a match & it would burn. This got me thinking so I looked into it and found some interesting things.

      ,Chemical Composition of Farts
      The exact chemical composition of human flatulence varies from one person to another, based on his or her biochemistry, the bacteria inhabiting the colon, and the foods that were eaten. If the gas results from ingesting air, the chemical composition will approximate that of air. If the fart arises from digestion or bacterial production, the chemistry may be more exotic. Farts consist primarily of nitrogen, the principal gas in air, along with a significant amount of carbon dioxide. A typical breakdown of the chemical composition of farts is:
      • Nitrogen: 20-90%

      • Hydrogen: 0-50% (flammable)

      • Carbon dioxide: 10-30%

      • Oxygen: 0-10%

      • Methane: 0-10% (flammable)

      • Human flatus may contain hydrogen gas and/or methane, which are flammable. If sufficient amounts of these gases are present, it's possible to light the fart on fire.
      EXXON Mobile is spending millions to improve the yeast output of alcohol. I wish them the best in their ind-ever but I think they would have better results using the hundreds of thousands of sewer treatment plants, converting this waste into useful energy.

      Anybody care to comment, pro or con--?
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