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  • Feb 24th 2012: Can you help the Mechanical Design Forum? .....& more

    Discussion in 'Newsletters' started by GarethW, Feb 23, 2012.

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      Dear Members,

      Below is a digest of some of the interesting discussions going on in the Mechanical Design Forum. But before that, here are a few bits and bobs I'd like to share with you:

      Mechanical Design Directory
      I would just like to draw your attention to this Forum's sister site, The Mechanical Design Directory. It's a business directory specifically focused on mechanical engineering - just the stuff that's useful to us with no rubbish and clutter. The Directory has just been upgraded and it's also been moved to a new superfast server. Please check it out - we do hope you'll find it useful.

      I'd like to invite you to add a listing for your company, products or services in the Directory. There's a FREE Basic listing available if you'd like to take advantage of that. There are also some far superior paid listings (you'll see that rates are extremely reasonable). If you do opt for a paid listing you'll certainly be doing us a massive favour in helping us raise much-needed funds to keep both the Directory and of course, this website, Mechanical Design Forum running and developing!

      Can you help the Mechanical Design Forum?
      Over the last 2.5 years we've worked incredibly hard to spread the word about the Forum in all sorts of ways including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Every member is incredibly important as we seek to provide an unrivalled resource of expertise for the benefit of all. Our aim is to make this website THE definitive mechanical engineering resource providing a fantastic level of support for its members. We're continuously looking for new ways to extend the reach of the Forum to find new members so we can make it as good as it possibly can be. We're also working hard to raise funds to cover our ever-increasing overheads and to allow development of new features such as mobile apps (coming soon, folks)

      Maybe you can help us? Here's a few ways you can support us:

      1. Add a link to www.mechanicaldesignforum.com somewhere on your website/blog.
      2. Tweet a link to this website or Tweet links to the URLs of any disussions of interest.
      3. Spread the word to colleagues or any mechanical engineering professionals or students you know
      4. "Like" us on Facebook
      5. Join our LinkedIn group.
      6. List yourself in the Mechanical Design Directory. If you go for a paid listing that'll be an even bigger help with our overheads.
      7. Advertise with us - email [email protected] for a quote. Prices are pretty reasonable, and the funds raised from this are a huge help.
      8. Give us some feedback here. It's always useful to know what we're doing right or what we're doing wrong. Any suggestions are welcomed.
      9. Post more often, contribute to existing discussion topics, start new ones.
      10. Start your own blog here - preferably a mechanical engineering related one (but no self-promotion please!)
      11. Write an article of interest to the other members (but no self-promotion please!). To do this just click the "Create Article" button on the homepage.
      12. Anything else you can thing of.....

      Mobile apps for the Mechanical Design Forum
      I just want to let you know that these should be available soon. They'll be available free-of-charge, and there will be an Android one and an iPhone one. After a few delays, developing these are now top our our list!


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