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  • Feedback on from users of 3D printed molds & cores

    Discussion in 'Metal casting & moulding' started by [email protected], Dec 21, 2010.

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      Aug 2010
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      Hey folks, I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has used 3D Printed molds, cores, or IC patterns to make parts for real life applications. Hopefully this doesn't get tagged as self promotion, as I'm really looking for information that is required to bring a new manufacturing technology to market.

      Viridis3D (my company) is developing a set of new sand casting, shell-mold, ceramic, and IC pattern materials for the Z Corp 3D printers. As we pick which printers we are standardizing on, and which materials to develop, it is incredibly helpful to get the following types of information:

      What metals do you cast?
      What size castings do you make / design?
      What RP/RM/3DP processes have you used? How did they work out for you? What were the biggest issues?
      What quality standards, accuracy metrics, etc do you typically have to meet for your cast metal parts?

      Also, if anyone has some casting designs that they don't mind sharing (anything you want, as long as it is awesome) we're looking for example parts and "challenge" parts. In exchange for use of your data for our marketing (images, trade show displays) we'll give you full credit, display all your contact info with the part, and if the part isn't too massive, we might even send you a casting made with our process.

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