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    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by nytwolf45, May 5, 2011.

    1. nytwolf45

      nytwolf45 New Member

      May 2011
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      Hi guys!
      I'm trying to figure out if our filter is in the right position.

      The setup is chem tank that has an overflow which take the excess chem to a sump tank, after the sump tank there is a pump going to the filtration system and back to the chem tank. there's also a pipe from the chem tank that is connected to the pump. The filter is 1 micron. So our filter is placed before the chem tank and after the pump.

      The chem process happening in the chem tank is producing contamination which we know know what exactly is so we cant eliminate it. We are currently skimming the chem and sump tank manually to reduce the contamination but we cant do it continuously.

      I'm thinking, maybe we should relocate the filter to be before the pump, or maybe after the overflow.

      Is there any difference? what would be a better setup for this circulation?
    3. Harshad

      Harshad Member

      Jun 2011
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      Dear nytwolf,

      I am trying to put my views on your question and replying your question.

      I have understood the system as follows.
      1)Chemical Tank->Sump Tank->Pump->Filter->Chemical Tank.

      It is an open system, as Chemical Tank overflows directly into Sump Tank. So, contaminations may flow in to Sump Tank directly.

      You are skimming Sump Tank, means you removes impurities from surface of liquid.

      I suggest, you need filter before pump inlet. This will eliminate impurities going into pump and thus into Chemical Tank.

      Unwanted product should be restricted at entry to system itself.

      As no impurities going into Pump, it will not be pumped in to Chemical Tank. So, there is least concern of proper and regular cleaning of sump. Anyway, filter restricts unwanted contamination entry into pump.

      Chemical Tank->Sump Tank->Filter->Pump->Chemical Tank.

      Hope I replied in line with your requirement.

      Harshad Patel

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