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  • garter spring design.

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by cregi, Jan 16, 2015.

    1. cregi

      cregi New Member

      Jan 2015
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      Could anyone give some information about how to calculate a garter spring? Or how to, given a spring, calculate the radial force it makes if it is used like a garter spring?

      I have been looking for some info but i couldnt find anything at all...
      Thanks in advance
    3. CPPMable

      CPPMable Well-Known Member

      Nov 2012
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      You need to know the rate of the spring, probably provided by manufacture. To determine your rate yourself, please see the following example:
      Example: You have a 10.000-inch outer diameter and you need to open up the garter spring to an 11.000 diameter thus giving you 1.000 inch of radial travel. At this 11.000-inch diameter you require 50 lbs of force for your garter spring to function correctly in your product.

      The formula to determine rate for a garter spring is:

      50 lbs divided by Pie (3.14) = 15.923 lbs (your rate / inch)​
      You need a 15.923 lbs/per inch extension spring to do the job. The 50 lbs is your load at an 11.000 diameter or 1 inch of radial expansion but the 15.923 lb rate, which is the master in determining the load at other distances.

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