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  • G'day all - Future Aussie industries?

    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by Amroo, Feb 5, 2014.

    1. Amroo

      Amroo Guest

      Greetings all!

      Just would like to introduce myself, I'm Andrew, Mechanical Engineer recently been made redundant by a Swedish mining company in SA.

      Been searching for a wide range of engineering jobs in Melbourne, VIC, with 7 years industry experience. Not trying to sell myself here but I have a general question I'd like to ask.

      What will be the future industries for Australia? Like many other 1st world countries, Manufacturing is on its last breath with Holden, Ford exiting (Toyota soon no doubt), SPCA struggling, Mining boom no more, IT industry easily cabled offshore. Outsource outsource outsource. What's left? An ageing population? Should I be transitioning to health care? Education? Retail?

      In all seriousness, given I now have an opportunity to look for new opportunities, which industry should I be looking into if I am to restart my career? Defence? Aerospace? R&D? Construction? Power Generation? Something that cannot be easily outsourced?

    3. justinadams

      justinadams New Member

      Jul 2014
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      Searching for the jobs in melbourne is very difficult.. When I shifted to melbourne, it took very long time to get the good job here.. It seems you have a good experience in mechanical engineering.. So, it may be easy for you to search for job..

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