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  • Glass Forming Engineer - Corning, NY

    Discussion in 'USA jobs' started by PMassuli, Sep 30, 2011.

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      Sep 2011
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      Job Title: Glass Forming Engineer
      Company Career Website: https://careers.corning.com
      Position Reference Number: 168778
      Contact Person: Priscilla Massuli, Corning Recruiting Center of Excellence - Client Recruiter
      Email: [email protected]

      Scope of Position:
      ·Technical process engineer that develops and applies fundamental understanding or engineering principles to develop, improve or transfer glass forming processes.
      ·All glass related Corning business divisions, all stages of product life from research and development to manufacturing.

      Required Education:
      ·M.S. – Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science.

      Required Years and Area of Experience:
      ·?5 years industrial development or engineering experience.

      Required Skills:
      ·Technical: strong academic background, able to apply scientific and engineering principles to solve complex problems.
      ·Data analysis skills: ability to use the PC to analyze process data and trends to reach conclusions that help solve process problems.

      Desired Skills:
      ·Experience: Development, Engineering or Manufacturing experience in the glass industry.
      ·Technical: understanding of glass processes, particularly glass forming
      ·Working knowledge of statistics and application of tools for process control and management.
      ·Multi-lingual: Japanese, Cantonese.

      Corning's Manufacturing, Technology and Engineering division (MTE) is recognized as the leader in engineering excellence & innovative manufacturing technologies by providing diverse skills to Corning’s existing & emerging businesses.
      We anticipate & provide timely, valued, leading edge manufacturing technologies and engineering expertise. We partner with Corning’s businesses and the Science & Technology division. Together we create and sustain Corning’s manufacturing as a differential advantage.

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