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  • Got gearbox idea, no-one interested

    Discussion in 'Protecting your designs or inventions' started by borges, Jun 2, 2010.

    1. hardsteal

      hardsteal Member

      Mar 2011
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      I also have lots of innovative ideas rolling around my mind. But I don't know how can I make them true. :(

      Lots of them are just on a paper, and i am also feared to share it with someone. Just wanna know whom should I talk to. And importantly without investing huge money. Please assist me.
    3. garnettools

      garnettools Member

      Feb 2010
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      I have seen many great thinkers who were never able to materialise their ideas. Leonardo-da-Vinci penned the first airplane but it was the Wright Bros. who made it, after so many years.
      Now, you have option of getting it patent first or share your idea with a company who is capable to develop it. You can go for a NDA but you must ensure him some financial gains in future too.
      I can help you in the same further but it will not be in the rules of the forum.
    4. Dana

      Dana Well-Known Member

      Sep 2010
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      Most manufacturers, especially auto manufacturers, have a policy of not looking at any outside submissions, even with a NDA, because of the legal hassle if one of their inside engineers is already working on such an invention... the outside inventor may claim the company "stole" his idea. Also (not to disparage your idea, which I know nothing about), companies receive many crackpot ideas for every good one, it's not worth wading through them.
    5. MSBT

      MSBT Member

      Feb 2012
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      Presumably you have already done a quick online search in free patent-databases (such as espacenet, which has a simple yet adequate user-interface) to check if your idea has been done before, if it really is new or whether somebody else has attempted anything substantially similar?

      Perhaps your idea is just an obvious development (and therefore unpatentable) but you should have done some of the basic background work yourself first, if only to arm you with accurate information before approaching potential assistance.

      Just because there may not be anything similar currently on the market does not mean the same has not been published in a technical journal or in a failed patent application or even in a granted (but as yet unexploited) patent.

      To get a general overview of the current state-of-the-art there is really no need (at this early stage) to pay money to get research done professionally, only if YOU can't find anything MIGHT it be worth it.

      Investing a modest sum could ultimately prove necessary, if only to show whether the idea has any merit at all or should be discarded and no more time/effort/money/hope wasted on it. Independent patent researchers sign binding NDAs all the time.

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