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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by design-engine, Feb 21, 2016.

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      Born in California and raised in Atlanta. Been in Chicago for 20+ years. Moved to Chicago for Motorola in 1993

      I grew up racing motocross and now race sportbikes. Won 5 championships in 2015 on two Kawasaki ZX6 race bikes. http://design-engine.com/category/racing/ Racing is a bit of an addiction. Keeps me physically and mentally sharp. To be honest it gives me an excuse to stay in shape like we need one in live.

      I've worked at Design-engine in Chicago since 1998 Where I teach the Solidworks http://proetools.com/category/courses/solidworks/ Not as many Solidworks classes because it's so much more simplistic really.

      Mainly I teach the surfacing classes for both. The Creo Surfacing is more exciting for me. Lots we can do with this stuff... we have 12 specific Creo surfacing workshops to take a look at. http://proetools.com/category/courses/creo-surfacing Creo surfacing.

      We help industrial designers, product designers, design engineers & drafters get better jobs, earn more money, design better products, become more innovative and creative, and outshine their competition. Since 1994 we’ve successfully trained over 2,000 designers and engineers from companies such as Rubbermaid, Dell Computers, Motorola, Caterpillar, John Deere, Harley Davidson, and NASA.

      We not only increase your software comprehension, but also increase your knowledge of specific design and engineering techniques. As a result, using software becomes more graceful, effortless, and flexible for you on all your projects.

      I wrote the business plan for MoveScience http://www.movescience.com an engineering company based around placing design engineers and product designers. They have a wide variety of projects going on all at once. If you own Creo or solidworks (even if you don't they can ship you a laptop) consider sending your resume [email protected]to them.
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