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    Discussion in 'Jobs wanted' started by bkemper, Mar 15, 2010.

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      Mar 2010
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      Kemper Engineering (http://www.kemperengineering.com) is a full service engineering firm specializing in the design, analysis, and innovation of mechanical and process equipment and systems.

      OK, that is nice, but what does that mean? We do the weird stuff.

      Most firms, like Fluor, Jacobs, CDI, etc. know how to solve problems they have already seen. Ask them for a type of chemical unit or plant and they can scope it to the cost per square foot. Have a heat exchanger problem and go to a firm that specializes in heat exchangers, and if they have seen it before they will scope it and bid it.

      We get the jobs that others pass on or fail to complete. We take a comprehensive approach. Granted, if we have seen the problem before, we'll start from there. We have long term client, ranging from fabricators to manufacturers, that not only benefit from our ability to solve unusual challenges in a cost-effective manner, but also our ability to repeat our success with more efficiency.

      We work locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. We quote jobs for free.

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