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  • Heat Plate in Air to Melt Plastic

    Discussion in 'Calculations' started by [email protected], Aug 7, 2013.

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      Aug 2013
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      I am setting up a system where a rectangular plate is heated by a set of heater cartridges, producing about 4000 watts. This plate is in free convection air. It is used to melt plastic at regular invervals. I am trying to model the system so we can estimate temperatures of the plate to control the system better, by using Simulink. I am having trouble linking several equations together though. I can figure out the temperature and time it takes to reach the temperature, in a vacuum at least, through Q=CM(Tf-Ti), and q=Q/t. The heaters are heated like a convection oven, electricity is either supplied or stopped, based on the temperature of the plate.
      What I am looking to do is find the temperature of the plate during a cycle, such as when temperature is roughly steady state, but is then decreased when energy is transfered to the plastic, and to air as well if I can. Does anyone have any idea how to calculate the temperature drop when it hits the plastic, and then how long it takes for the temperature to increase? I feel it is similar to say a fridge, it runs at a constant temperature until an item is put into it. The temperature drops and then rebounds.
      Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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