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  • Helical Gear Design - Practical Implications

    Discussion in 'The main mechanical design forum' started by ravindrababup, Jan 5, 2011.

    1. ravindrababup

      ravindrababup New Member

      Jan 2011
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      Greetings to all !!!

      Joined newly in the forum and need guidance in the Helical gear design procedure >>>

      I Have been constantly running through the doubt : which design parameter needs to be finalized first? Whether its the Module of gear or the Pitch circle Diamter.

      My requirement is to design a reduction gear set and sequnece of steps per my understanding is below.

      1. Teeth Pairs to be designed for attaining desired reduction gear ratio.
      2. Decide Module as per standard manufacturing process
      3. Calculate the pitch diameters and centre distances.
      4. Calcuate Gear Tooth geometry and evaluate for bending, strength....

      Please throw some more light on this topic and help me in designing helical gears.
      Also would be great if anyone can inform the practical implications involved in designing gears.

      Looking forward for the responses:

    3. jdscannell

      jdscannell New Member

      Feb 2010
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