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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by [email protected], Jan 12, 2012.

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      Jan 2012
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      I am a self employed commercial sales agent that specialises in the corporate market. I work with my clients to promote and sell their unique products and help develop their client base, and I have just joined a small company Enventive. As I am very new I would welcome anybodies views on the potential of the product, and where my markets would be.

      Enventive is an equation solving system that's also a geometric modeling tool. A tolerance analysis tool that’s also an integral part of the conceptual design process. A sophisticated GD&T tool that also models kinematics, forces, and virtually any physical phenomenon described with equations. A critical parameter optimization system that also includes variation.
      Traditionally, design optimization and tolerance analysis is performed post-CAD, in the middle or the end of the design process. Enventive enables engineers to do mechanical analysis in a very intuitive and much more efficient, effective way. With Enventive, engineers can identify and optimize critical parameters during the concept phase, before CAD models have been created.

      Thanks in advance


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