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    Discussion in 'Pop in and say hello!' started by JLandon, Nov 26, 2014.

    1. JLandon

      JLandon New Member

      Nov 2014
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      Hello all,

      I have a few questions for some of the experienced people in the manufacturing industry. First, I'd like to thank you for your time reading this post and answering any or all of the questions asked. Or advising about anything that someone new to the industry may need to be aware of.

      A quick bit about myself. I live in the U.S. where I served as an infantry marine. I survived 2 combat tours to Iraq. I'm 30 y/o and am looking to start my first business venture while completing my Bus Mgt. degree. I'm currently learning how to use some basic 3DCAD software (123D) to design a simple product, with the intent to prototype, manufacture, and market it. I have no experience in the process of tooling an injection mold for a plastic/rubber product, aside from a bit of research over the internet. Now to the questions...

      Are there any posts about provisional patents?

      I'm not sure the exact material I want to use for the final product. I plan to send my CAD off to a company like Shapeways to get it prototyped in several flexible materials. However, their options seem to be rather limited for types of materials. Any advice on other companies to look at to define the most effective material to use? I want to figure out the proper material, so I can adjust the dimensions properly before paying for an injection mold.

      I've just started looking into what company to go with for the injection mold and mass production of my product. Is there a site that you can post on and have companies make bids on for the job? Even if only estimates. What is the best way to find a manufacturer to fit my needs?

      Should I get the mold made at the same company that will be manufacturing the product?

      Are there fees related to a company storing your mold in a safe environment?

      Is it more cost effective to make a large mold that can make several pieces at once (object roughly 5'' x 7'' x .2'')? I'm estimating an initial order of 100,000 at the launch of the company.

      Well I think that is enough info for one post, thank you again for your time and advice.
    3. himanshumalhotra_09

      himanshumalhotra_09 New Member

      Mar 2011
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      Hi JLandon,

      Welcome to the field of Mechanical Engineering. Well to answer your queries, please find the following answers as per my knowledge:

      First of all, it won't be possible for anyone to suggest you a material till you share the details of the product you plan to design, specially its application. As I am in India, I am not sure of any companies there who can help you out but certainly it can be finalized if the application is known.

      Material identification is done checking for various properties that are required from the application point of view. For instance, if you are planning to design an electrical connector, you will definitely go for a plastic material. But which exact material and which grade you need to go for depends on what kind of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties are required from the material.

      Another way would be to check for the material used for similar products sold in the market.

      Coming to getting it manufactured, the best way would be to check with the local companies near you. Visit them and find you what manufacturing setup do they have and accordingly go for the one who suits your requirements the best. Generally it is preferred if you get the mold made under the same roof where you plan to get the parts made (if at all the setup is available).

      I doubt if there will be any fee for storing your molds. I have never come across any such case where a maintenance fee is asked for. But of course you spend a lot of amount on a mold and if not properly maintained or not used much, it tends to get rusted, so that part should always be taken care of.

      Coming to the mold, whether you need to go for a multi-cavity or a single cavity mold depends on the production quantity. As you plan to have made 100,000 pieces as an initial order, definitely a multi-cavity mold will suit your requirements better.

      Always remember, the cost for running the injection molding machine is going to be the same, whether you go for a single cavity or a multi-cavity mold. The cost lies in the machining of the mold. Obviously, multi-cavity mold is expensive but if the production quantity is high, it is very cost effective.

      Hope I clarified your doubts up to some extent.

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